More crochet…..

Well, I’m just beside myself here….I’m so thrilled with the comments I got about my crochet post! I even got a comment from the author of Crochet Saved My Life. Now I’ll order the book for sure!

I promise to answer all the comments in a bit, but first I wanted to post one “crochet” picture. It’s no biggie, so don’t get all excited. It’s just a picture of my yarn boxes, the “vintage” Crochet book my mom gave me and my very first practice project-a case for all the crochet hooks I “inherited”. I used some leftover yarn to practice single and double stitches.

No show stopper, but I was personally thrilled that I had actually created something other than yarn spaghetti!

I’ve asked my daughter to take a picture of the scarf I made for her so that I could post it later.

Isn’t it fun to crochet? ! Honestly, I am just loving it!

I’d love to see YOUR work. Post links to your pictures in my comments!! Let’s share our work!


5 thoughts on “More crochet…..

  1. Yay! πŸ™‚ The case is beautiful and cheery. I still, after many years?? (lots!)–haven’t made a case for my hooks. My knitting needles, yes, but not my hooks. You inspire me!



  2. Well, this is a good reminder Connie…time to get put the old crochet hooks and start on the Scarfs that I make for my Grandbabies. I put down my hooks long ago… so all I am proficient at is single and double crochet but maybe I need to buy this book too!


    1. Well, thank you SO much for saying that! I’m just so happy I didn’t get all tangled up in yarn and have to call 911…lol πŸ™‚ Working on grandson’s scarf now….


  3. Having learned to knit first, with two needles and both hands, when someone tried to teach me how to crochet I was “all thumbs” and have not gotten beyond the chain stitch. Good for you, mastering the basics and already making scarves!


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